Travel Workout – Stay fit while on-the-go


Travel Workout –

A simple routine for working out in your room or any available space with no equipment

I normally get in a good workout regimen when I’m not travelling, it’s usually a great blend of CrossFit, weightlifting, outdoor intervals and some bouldering. Earning a Level 2 certificate in CrossFit and also having been a regular practitioner of the same, has encouraged me to design my own workout program for all intents and purposes.

But when I’m on the road, it’s a different story. I plan to work out, but it’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to know what to do when you have 20 mins here or there with limited equipment and workout space.

We’ve all been there, dropping our bags down in a freshly cleaned room, exhausted from hours sometimes days of travel. The last thing on our minds while traveling is exercise. Hey, we’re on holiday right? Routine goes out the window and it’s time to relax, eat, party, sleep, and repeat.

Sure, we told ourselves “not this time”. I’m going to stick to my routine and eat healthy… for the most part.

Once our bags are down all bets are off. Exercise? Does a walk to the minibar count?

I hear it all too often. Good intentions gone awry.

What happens? Do we lose every last ounce of self-discipline when we travel? For some, sure, but the biggest problem is in our perception of working out and why we do it. We think of grueling hour-long sessions in the gym lifting weights or a long sweaty run in hopes of reducing the numbers on the scale. It doesn’t have to be that way and here’s why –

1. Any activity where you move your body is physical activity.

This should almost go without saying but riding a bike, swimming, jogging, and just walking (beyond the minibar!) are great ways to get in exercise. Get out and explore the world around you! That’s why we travel in the first place right?

2. We aren’t looking to set any records.

Exercise while traveling doesn’t have to be intense (unless that’s your thing). All we’re looking to do is get the blood pumping and stick to our routines. Dropping kilos or packing on muscle should not be the objective, enjoying yourself should be.

3. Nutrition is the most important thing!

News flash: The research is in and exercise is not the only way to shed kilos. I know, crazy right? It’s complicated, to say the least, but once your body adapts to exercise (plateau) it becomes very difficult to burn extra kilos by exercise alone. That’s why what you put in your mouth is the most important thing. This is where some self-control comes in handy.

Eating while traveling:

For me, food has to be one of the best parts of traveling. Here are some simple ways to expand your palate instead of your waistline.

1. Focus on fresh minimally processed foods. They’ll fill you up faster and keep your calorie count in check. Check out local markets for fresh produce and local delicacies. Don’t waste unnecessary calories on crappy hotel breakfasts. Go for muesli, sugar-free yogurts, and fresh fruits in the A.M.

2. Don’t be afraid to splurge! The best way is to do a little research about local dishes. Pick a few things ahead of time and make a list. Go ahead, eat an entire pizza in Naples, but hold off on the second helping of tiramisu. Better yet, share the first one! The rest of the time keep it simple and don’t feel guilty.

3. Go without food for a few hours. Got a big day of eating ahead? Try skipping breakfast. You’ll be fine, I promise. Daily intermittent fasting is a way of life for many people.

4. Stay hydrated. Our bodies will often confuse thirst with hunger. Keep a water bottle on hand and refill it often, especially if it’s hot!


Travel Workout movement execution, form, tips and a sample

Here are a couple of simple body weight movements you could add to your travel Workout. Here I emphasize on form and execution. Watch this video to get an idea of the movements. Scroll down for a simple 7 day workout routine programmed by me. My good friends and workout buddies Karthik, Aditya and Saad from CrossFit Genome helped me piece this clip together.Check it out.

Here’s a simple and effective sample routine for you – Sample Travel workout

The idea is to keep it flexible. Unless you are training for a specific event, it’s best to keep it fresh by changing it up. This will reduce the chance of injury and stagnation. Keeping your body well conditioned and strong is important especially when planning a long, exhaustive and perilous journeys. Not only does it incredibly increases your immunity but also that feel-good endorphin discharge maintains a good positive mood throughout your travel.

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you are interested in learning more about our travel workout programs please get in touch.

One of the best multi-training shoes I’ve used while on the go, it fits well, looks good and my squats are pretty smooth. I carry it along with me to most of my trips and get in a crazy good travel workout, you should too, Check it out.



Have a great one, and remember, Eat Clean, Train Right, & Be Awesome!

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Until next time, Sayonara!!

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