Azerbaijan – Things to do in and around Baku

Pearl of the Caspain Azerbaijan, a vibrant Caucasian nation and, most likely, one of the least visited places in both Europe and Asia, is an interesting and one of a kind nation, as it is where East truly meets West. A genuine mix of Europe, Middle East and the Soviet Union, for quite a long Read more about Azerbaijan – Things to do in and around Baku[…]

Rajasthan – Things to do in 7 days

Welcome to the “Land of Kings”. Rajasthan is a true state of contrasts, and Rajasthan travel reflects that! From desert scrub to holy lakes, one thing that is hard to grasp for the first-time (or even repeat) visitor is the sheer size of the place. I had about a week to explore the desert state. That Read more about Rajasthan – Things to do in 7 days[…]

Bangkok sightseeing

Bangkok sightseeing during a long layover

If you’re flying through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) and find yourself with a layover of over six hours, it might be worth your while to pop into the city center for a taste of Thailand. Taxis make for an inexpensive and efficient means of reaching the city center in relatively little time. This should Read more about Bangkok sightseeing during a long layover[…]

Great Wall of China from Beijing

How to get to The Great Wall of China from Beijing and What to expect?

How to get to The Great Wall of China from Beijing The Great wall of China is an attraction worthy of all its hype, While it can’t actually be seen from space, it’s a spectacular man-made wonder best seen in person. The Great Wall of China is a whopping 21,196 kilometers long, spanning East to West across China. The Read more about How to get to The Great Wall of China from Beijing and What to expect?[…]

Travel Workout

Travel Workout – Stay fit while on-the-go

  Travel Workout – A simple routine for working out in your room or any available space with no equipment I normally get in a good workout regimen when I’m not travelling, it’s usually a great blend of CrossFit, weightlifting, outdoor intervals and some bouldering. Earning a Level 2 certificate in CrossFit and also having Read more about Travel Workout – Stay fit while on-the-go[…]

Master the Pull up – learn how to do pull ups effectively

Can’t Do a Pull Up Yet? Here’s How to Get it Done Pull ups are my favorite exercise of all time. Here’s how you learn pull ups effectively. They work all of the “pull” muscles in your body – your back, biceps, forearms. They are indicative of your level of fitness – anybody that can do Read more about Master the Pull up – learn how to do pull ups effectively[…]

The Entitlement Trap – Beat it!

  When we were young it was kind of cute when we threw tantrums as toddlers, not getting what we wanted.  People would coo at us, maybe even pick us up and hold us, telling us in ooey-gooey tones that “you’ll get it later” or “you’ve got to wait a little while“.  Then our tears Read more about The Entitlement Trap – Beat it![…]

Travel cues #2

In continuation to our previous post on a few simple travel cues, here are a few more to make your trip more worthwhile. 😉   1. Use public transport – It’s fast, easy and cheap. Gives you a better travelling experience. Get a map, understand the geography and also learn the different ticket types. 2. Read more about Travel cues #2[…]

Lord of the Rings

    Gymnastic ring training for fitness is an excellent form of bodyweight strength training. It’s incredibly diverse, challenging and a fun way to work out. The strength and physical discipline required to perform some of the most basic of ring exercises is immense. Performing movements such as pull ups or dips on the rings Read more about Lord of the Rings[…]

GPP – General Physical Preparedness

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) This kind of training creates a well balanced developed body ready for anything. The higher your fitness level, the more you can handle. The higher your work capacity, the faster you can recover. The higher your strength, the more force you can produce. The lower your body fat percentage, the better Read more about GPP – General Physical Preparedness[…]

Hampi – ruins, boulders and hippies!

Hampi – the land of the last super power of the Deccan region in the Indian peninsula, the Vijayanagar Empire. This mythical landscape, littered with huge granite boulders balanced precariously on top of each other bound by mythology and history. Bisected by the Tungabhadra and ancient irrigation canals that create a sliver of blue and Read more about Hampi – ruins, boulders and hippies![…]

Being an Egyptologist.

As a travel enthusiast, being a history buff was always part of the thrill. I take my time to learn about the origins and existence of various civilizations, the royal lineage and the wars being fought among nations and the subsequent triumph, phew! Egypt, is a land with tons of history, here I unravel my Read more about Being an Egyptologist.[…]