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Gymnastic ring training for fitness is an excellent form of bodyweight strength training. It’s incredibly diverse, challenging and a fun way to work out.
The strength and physical discipline required to perform some of the most basic of ring exercises is immense. Performing movements such as pull ups or dips on the rings adds an element of instability which brings a different dimension to your training and pushes you that little bit further. Who needs a commercial gym when you can get your hands on a pair of these –


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Here are a few benefits –

● Builds superior upper body strength, balance and agility

● promotes lean, defined physique

● Highly effective abdominal workout

● Develops high strength to size ratio

● Natural, compound movements that are kind on the joints with no fixed path of motion

● Develops grip strength that has good carry over benefits to general strength exercises.

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This should get you started –

AMRAP – 20 min
10 ring pull ups
10 ring push ups
20 sec ring dip hold
10 ring knee tucks

Do try this short strength-endurance style workout on the rings and leave your comments here.


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