April 11, 2018

Fitness Programs

Here are a few programs craftily designed by me, each program are 8 week cycles. Select the program most suitable to your goals. Read the description and follow the instructions. 

To access the program, click on the image and fill in your details. You will be redirected to the Payment page. Upon successful payment, the program will be mailed to you within 24 hours.

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Get Nuk'd

This 8- Week Hypertrophy program coupled with some low intensity conditioning is a recipe for muscle building without loss of stamina and cardio vascular capacity. It's good blend of Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and old school conjugate system Body Building. The repetitions and sets have been pre-programmed along with the work to rest ratio. This program is for those looking to build lean muscles without compromising on functionality.

Wild Weasel

This is also an 8 week cycle predominantly prioritizing on equal parts strength and conditioning for enhanced athletic performance. Progressive S&C is essential for sustaining a good build and great output. So, if you're a sportsperson, all-round athlete or just looking to run after a burglar efficiently. In the great words of Liam Neeson, "I Will Find You and *** You" ...This is it.

The Shredder

What I don't promote is "Loose Fat in 15 days, Check it out". But "The Shredder" program is an 8 week cycle, to initiate optimum fat burner without compromising on strength and stamina.

This isn't just pure "Cardio". It is quite the sweat fest coupled with some skills and isometrics to instill a balanced training regimen. The goal here isn't to loose a certain amount of weight in 15 days or so, but to get you started off to an elite lifestyle, by shredding some unwanted fat and start you off with some conditioning.

What are you waiting for?

Fitness Coaching and group sessions - As a Certified CrossFit coach and with years of experience working with an extensive array of individuals from professional athletes, recreational sportsmen, members of the Armed Forces, State Police, corporate employees, house wives, children and senior citizens, I assist in guiding through organizing and designing your workout program, nutritional advice and specific training modules. For individual fitness consultation and training, reach out!